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Stereotypes are wrong. I hate them, but sometimes I feel I contradict myself whenever I express myself on different topics. Not on this. One thing I never fail to deliver clearly on is sake, good food, onsen, and Jukujo. I won’t fail. I never fail.


There are a lot of things lacking in Japanese society today. Things like wholesome communication, good sleep, good sex( not the obligatory kind), expensive nihonshu and a good three square meals a day. I learned that the best way to enjoy Japan is to do more of the things that people in Japan do less of!

Less brain. More balls should be a spiritual mantra for this country. And then some….
I met a lovely Jukujo a year ago on bus #110 bound for Yokohama Station. She was one of the most fantastic human beings I had ever met. 44 and in great shape. I was staring at her on the bus from the back seat. From time to time she would steal glances back at me and I took this to mean she was interested in me, but as you know , looks can be deceiving here in Japan, especially a smile.
When her stop finally came I followed her off the bus into a very busy part of town. I stayed very close to her from behind. Sensing me she swung around and with a loud voice yelled at me: “ Are you a criminal! Are you a dangerous man!?” she shouted. Should I call the police. By this time, everybody was looking at us and suspecting that I was the culprit behind all of the commotion. I was mortified and left speechless surrounded by a mass of onlookers and passersby.

I had to come up with something quick, so I reached for my business card and quickly offered it to her and told her I was an English instructor and that I was just looking for potential students for English lessons, and that if she were interested to contact me. She held the card in her hand for a few moments (holding my breath).

She said OK. Then I calmed down. Eventually the onlookers went about their way. She never gave me her number. Eight hours later, I get a call and she asked to meet me for coffee. So we did, we talked, and come to find out she was a little intrigued by my aggressive nature. She offered to teach me Japanese instead for free, and even correct my ENGLISH from time to time. I’ve been scolded by her for poor oversight, how embarrassing, but I’m man enough to fess up. She was really good!

Thanks, in huge part, to her I was able to get my books published and registered with the National DIET Library(Library of Congress of Japan), and eventually sold through Yurindo, one of the largest bookstores in Japan. Since then I have shifted markets and am selling them as coffee table books this summer since the books are too large and heavy for mass production along with costs. I have the largest compendium of onsen in full color in book form in the world along with my own mini-paring guide for sake and food.

I was the student and she was the teacher of all things Japan, and this was so beautiful for me. We both appreciated delicious food and sake. I truly believe that in any kind of relationship/friendship where two people are learning from each other it is essential for both parties to learn and grow from each other.

Japan Sex Examiner

What is good sex?

Good question. Good sex is when both partners achieve their sexual goals, namely orgasm. For a lot of young Japanese girls this could mean that a certain element of pain during intercourse is supposed to go along with that sex. Vaginal trauma gives some girls a sense of satisfaction – I have learned this from a woman. The pain factor isn’t true for every woman, though. A lot of women hate pain, no matter what forms it comes in. The Jukujo I have met have no interest in having painful intercourse, but very slow and deep sex. What you see in porn videos are two actors going at it fast and furious to create affect. Real people every now and then may find fast and aggressive sex good, and then at other times slow and moist. whether younger is better is purely subjective and to each his own. Let’s continue.

IMG_1995While writing this, I was listening to “Seduction” by Eminem

Is sex just sex??

According to Anthony Gladney and Barry Pope, two established players, yes, sex is just sex punany is just punany no matter who and where you get it from, and that there’s no difference between the races. For them, sex is more of a conquest. I still remember his Bible. Each evening before Barry went out he would pull this black Bible out from his pillow and pray for a successful chase. He would open that Bible and in it was a diary of women that he had laid over a period of 3 months. Last I remember it was around 37 J-girls! He even had commentary for each one, pictures, dates, times. Impressive! But if you had asked him to compare the differences with women in general he had very little answers, he was almost mum about it. I asked him years later and he still says that punany is just punany and it doesn’t matter where the lady comes from. I don’t agree.

Before I left Los Angeles several years ago, I consulted with the Zen Institute of Los Angeles, IZI, over the differences between women in general. Bizarre question for them to receive actually. We sat facing each other on our knees in an environment of holiness and perplexed by my question the teacher pointed to a tree and said, ” a tree is just a tree. Its shape may change over the years by weathering and age, but it’s just simply a tree it will always be a tree no matter what cosmetic enhancements are added to it” with that the consultation ended.

So, what’s this thing about Jukujo, exactly?
For me, when I look at them I see the coming together of everything that makes this country beautiful. Eating delicious food, drinking great sake, laughing over silly things, a little history lesson here and there, a little nihongo lesson every now and then. A long time ago story, some times a fairy tale or two, or a some lore. A little nihonjinron, a little “we Japanese this, and we Japanese that.” We can communicate about anything, problems and some complaints about something trivial, harmless stuff. Very natural women whereas young girls general reserve such topics for their girlfriends.

Yumi had two faces. She would talk to me like I was just a gaijin incapable of understanding Japanese thinking. We’d be in a restaurant sitting there chewing over cold food and talking about the same dam topics over and over again, like listening to a tired as rerun. But when she was around her friends she’d turn into a Diva and electrify the whole place, a completely different face. I couldn’t even recognize her when she was around her friends.

The Jukujo mother limit their associations with their contemporaries to the occasional lunch or shopping expedition. They invest more time in family and matters related to living and domestic work. The relationships with these types of women are discreet, clean, and simple. Conversations with Jukujo are very interesting and very stimulating. The have so much appreciation for rudimentary things, things typically young Japanese girls take for granted. The axiom still holds true ” Youth is wasted on the young!” that is so true, especially in Japan! Sex is great. For them it’s so natural and discreet. No expectations, no obligations, no BS, no nonsense engagement. Eventually, over time, everything gets better and better. Her mother instincts take hold naturally and subtly without you being aware, not even she’s aware…. Things like wiping your mouth like you are a five year old….of course you are not aware of this until it happens several times.

Sex is heightened because it’s so forbidden! Because it’s so scandalous, because it’s a deep secret shared between two humans who appreciate the need for a good discreet sexual encounter. No dinners, no movies, no flowers, no chocolates, no I love You’s. Just straight to the passion play heart pounding pumping anticipation of entering that dark rancid love hotel, no windows and fully padded. Doors locked shut behind. Full bust, full bodied, fully flavored and aromatic, sweaty and deep kissing, not a single care in the world.

After hearing atta boys and good boy so many times I start to wonder if I am a boy? Sniffing and kissing my head so many times….I can catch a little floral sake scent from her breath while looking down at those huge perky black nipples and hips; full bodied. No need for a petite body. I love em’ big and heavy and strong, good eaters and drinkers and lovers go hand and hand. Not some too short and underdeveloped body like 15 year old girls body.

I have had a 40 year old woman who had no development at all, and then she had the nerve to walk around proud like somehow a man is going to sweep her off her feet, or bow down to her. Disgusting how Japanese guys fall for such prepubescent’s, like at the sake convention I was at the other week. A Japanese guy friend of mine who loudly told this Japanese lady that she had no tits right there in front of her husband who was obviously shocked and ashamed all at the same time. He just walked away shaking his head. I was shocked but laughed a little. Sort of reminds me of how hard young girls diet when they’re in high school, at a time in their life when they need more proteins and more carbs for their development. They try these exotic diets and wind up stunting their development at an early age out of sheer stupidity in order to appease some idiot Japanese guy or cultural fad(ist) who wouldn’t know the difference between a girl or a real woman. I hate these types. How can you hate the development of your own body! What kind of hate is that? Is it institutionalized.

In conclusion, it’s about what you like. Japanese women may be just women for you, but for me they comprise the total experience of living in Japan; the temples, the onsen, the shrines, and seasons all find themselves in the Jukuko experience for me. Young girls tend to lack the ability to successfully merge all of these elements together. For them, sex is just sex, for Jukujo, sex is life, and the total culmination of what’s natural and wholesome.

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Aya; 41

Sakurai Project

When I first met Ms. S, I knew she would be a winner.  She possessed all of the things I love to see in a Japanese woman; Fine straight pubic hair, a thick shiny black mane, creamy white skin, thick legs and hamstrings, and a great ass!   A wonderfully made and wholesome woman to behold.    She’s also very kind…e.g. she came out of her pose just to help me to my feet.   I lay down a lot for the up skirt shots….clean version here


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